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  • Mental Maths Class

    Learn tricks and techniques to drastically improve your number sense, remember long number sequences and mentally multiply numbers at lightening speed. Rid yourself of Math phobia and learn to love and manipulate numbers with this tutorial suitable for all age groups.Develop better number sense - How to stop worrying and start loving numbers Learn a fast mental way to multiply large numbers, A cool way to check your results, mentally An amazing method for remembering numbers and much more. Learn High Speed Vedic Mathematics Techniques to crack exams like SAT, GMAT, GRE, CAT, Bank PO and many more Discover Lesser Known but More Powerful Alternatives Multiplication is one of the pillars of Arithmetic.We multiply numbers when at work, in the classroom or even when thinking of life in general. Interestingly most of us rely on the same technique when multiplying. A technique drilled into our minds as young learners.This course will provide you with alternative methods to multiply numbers and improve number sense. Methods that are much faster even when used to solve problems mentally. So stop being envious of number crunching Sally and be the change.